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Since the 1940s when George, Joseph and Eugene Zanger opened their first cherry stand on the Pacheco Pass Highway, thousands of travelers have stopped to eat, drink, rest and enjoy the fruits, flavors, sights and sounds of Casa de Fruta. Please consider sharing your favorite Casa de Fruta memories with us.

Send Us Your Memory in an Email

Last Friday I brought a group of 30 teenagers and parents to Casa de Fruta on our way to a tournament in San Jose.

Jill Sullivan... I was impressed with the quick, friendly service and food at your restaurant. I take all sorts of teams from Basketball to Problem Solving to many restaurants and expect restaurant employees to view with trepidation and possibly disdain any large crowd of teenagers who are not famous for tipping well and are famous for being rowdy.

Your staff remained cheerful and friendly and exceptionally accommodating to the individual requests of my fussy teenagers. The service was fast and efficient and very impressive considering what a large group we were.

Thank you.

Our order arrived today via UPS...some fresh, California almonds for me.

Ken & Audrey Cameron... Our order arrived today via UPS... Some fresh, California almonds for me; some of your dried peaches for my wife and a bag of your jumbo cashews for our daughter when she visits this weekend. We discovered Casa de Fruta while visiting our youngest son, who lives in San Jose. We have visited your store in the mall in San Jose, and enjoyed our visit to your Hollister facility even more. Thanks for the fresh produce and the excellent service.

I used to go their when I was younger; my uncle worked and lived there.

Aidee... I used to go their when I was younger; my uncle worked and lived there. He was a cook there. I remember when I used to see that man flip the coffee cups and eating the BEST FOOD! I remember being able to get fruit and riding the train and seeing all the animals: the buffalos, peacocks, goats, the ponies and all the live bands that they had. Also I remember going swimming. Now I am married and I talk to my new husband about it and we are going to go there on May 27-June 1, 2005. I can't wait to see it all again. I had the greatest time of my life there. Thank you for having a great place!

I was a long haul truck driver from Ontario, Canada. We always stopped at Casa de Fruta.

Lisa... I was a long haul truck driver from Ontario, Canada. We always stopped at Casa de Fruta. It was our mainstay for some of our groceries. I will always remember the staff there. I would go in washup, and get a coffee. I would walk allover sip coffee and wake up before we did our long trek home. It was a mainstay and probably still is for us drivers, who seem to rarely get home. We can always rely on excellent food, and the best of times.

I am now retired and home here in Ontario, but I find myself still "homesick" for waking up and seeing Casa just one more time. I miss it and your staff also.


P.S. I wish you would do a picture of the whole place as we see it from the road...please..just homesick...

Well I love Casa de Fruta, it is my home away from home

Cassie Gray... Well I love Casa de Fruta, it is my home away from home. My Grandma and Grandpa lived there before my Grandpa passed away. They use to work there. So I have a lot of memories of Casa.

Since I was about 6 years old, my parents would bring us to Casa de Fruta every Memorial Day weekend.

Carrie Tullis... Since I was about 6 years old, my parents would bring us to Casa de Fruta every Memorial Day weekend. They belonged to a line dancing group and all of us would be there religiously, every year. My parents would dance on Friday and Saturday nights, while the kids tried to catch frogs behind the stage! And then there was the Red-Road Indian Pow-wow. Every year I saved up my allowance for a great find at the pow wow. I even stopped in at the Pow wow my first year at college just to relive some old memories. I'll never forget the walks to the sweet shop, the peacocks that woke us up every morning, the choo-choo train, the swing set and seemingly gigantic slide, the dances at night, getting lassoed on the dance floor, and of course the one time that I actually won the cherry pit spitting contest! Some of my best childhood memories are of Casa de Fruta and I'd like to say thanks for all of it!

I was a cross country big rig driver and hungry. Talking to another driver about how bad the pass was at that time. He told me

Rosey... "Well, you stop at Casa de Fruta Park on the side of the road and get into that restaurant, best place you ever been to". Well, I did and for 5 years. Anytime I had to drive the pass it was a sure bet, Casa was my r&r spot. However, one of my fondest memories, was my son taking me on his first behind-the-wheel run,through the Pass. Then just awhile back we heard that there was going to be a Rene-Fair at Casa. We booked an over the week-end camping spot and relived every moment of that wonderful bonding trip we had together. This year I am driving my car to Hollister, and guess what? Yeap, my son now 40 is meeting me at Casa. He is driving up from the LA area. I know we will have fun again. This Mom thanks you for all the wonderful memories. And thanks to all the wonderful people who have worked at Casa over these many years.

Every time that I have gone there my wife and I have had a very good time!

Walter Lopez... I always buy wines and dry fruit. The first time that we went there we were falling in love whith the place. Every year we have to go at least once or we feel that something is missing that year. We discovered this place by mistake. We were going to San Francisco and we took that highway by mistake, since that day we can't wait to go back, Casa de Fruta always will be our favorite place. Thank you guys from the bottom of our heart.

On the 4th of July weekend of 2002 we visited for the first time with our sons who were 4 and 6 years old at that time.

Jesus Ochoa... We went through every shop, rode the train, took pictures at each prop, went through the zoo and ever since whenever we go to visit nanna in Newman, California, where I grew up, they beg to go to Casa de Fruta. On that visit 2 years ago, we purchased the cutest goofy faced refrigerator magnets. We absolutely love it there and we were just there the 29th of December, 2004.

When I was little, (about 10 or so), my mom and dad would pack us all in the car (I had two brothers)... We would all ride from our home in Salinas to Casa de Fruta.

Ann Hutcheson... It was quite a day for us kids, with all the fun things to explore and see. The petting zoo was so much fun, and we could always count on the wonderful stuff my mom would make from the fruit they would buy. I can still smell the fried pies my mom used to make.. she used the dried apricots and stewed them down with sugar, then made that into fried pies using her homemade dough. When I think of Casa de Fruta, I think of my childhood

My friend's high school-aged daughter had left Southern California to spend the holidays with her mother in Northern California.

Paula Carr... However, her car had broken down in Laytonville, and she had had to take the bus the rest of the way home to make it in time for the start of her high school classes. We then had to make a trek back up north to rescue her car and get it fixed.

We left the LA area around 10 pm on a Friday, so we were exhausted from the nervewracking drive through the tule fog on I5 (with huge trucks whizzing by us on all sides) when we stopped at Casa de Fruta to re-fuel both the car and our bodies. The Cup Flipper not only kept us entertained, but he "perked" us up with delicious coffee to keep us safe on the remainder of our long road trip.

As we got back on the road, we were refreshed, relaxed and had great big grins on our faces.

Thanks, Casa de Fruta!

My family and I have been visiting Casa de Fruta for as long as I can remember.

Jennifer Bonilla I have always looked forward to the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. When I was a child my cousins and I always loved going to the B.B.Q.'s Saturday nights, learning how to line dance and running away from Joe and his lassoe; as well as the Indian Pow Wow, swimming, the peacocks and the train. My favorite memory is meeting my fiance' at Casa De Fruta, eight years ago this Labor Day. Thanks for all of the great memories and hopefully when I have kids they will enjoy it as much as me.

My grandma Midge lived at the Casa for over ten years.

Melissa Larkin- My grandma Midge lived at the Casa for over ten years. From the time I was eight I would visit every summer. Countless favorite memories: I learned to swim in the little pool, driving grandma's golf cart to the cafe for hot chocololate before bed, the train picking me up at grandma's in the morning and taking me to the sweet shop, the peacocks, endless samples at the fruit stand, The Tractor Pull, leaving food out for the stray kittens, The Indian pow-wow, The Annual Hawaiian Luau, Saturday night bbq's-trying to make it across the dance floor w/o getting lassoed and of course THE ORIGINAL CUP FLIPPER!!

It is a memory that is so firmly etched in her heart...

Fran Abbott of Napa was Casa de Fruta's October Online Shopping Spree winner. Originally from the East Coast, Abbott sends a dozen Carmel or Monterey Gift Crates back east to friends and relatives for the holidays.

One lucky recipient is a 90-year-old nun, who Abbott says "went wild" when she received her first gift basket from Casa de Fruta. It turns out that more than four decades ago, the nun and her traveling companion stopped for lunch at Casa de Fruta. They didn't have much money so they split a sandwich. At the end of the meal, the waitress said they had to have dessert and brought out an exotic ice cream, on the house. As they were leaving, Casa de Fruta employees filled bags of fruit for the nuns to take with them on their journey.

"It is a memory that is so firmly etched in her heart," Abbott says. "It was just one of the highlights of her life that people would be so kind to two little nuns in California."

Grandma loved to stop at Casa de Fruta...

Colleen Kelly

City: Visalia
State: California
First visit: Early 1950's
Visit how often: 3 to 4 times a year

Memory: When my grandfather retired from office in Visalia in the 1950's, my grandparents moved to Santa Cruz and I used to go back and forth with them during the summers. Grandma loved to stop at Casa de Fruta and get fresh vegatables and also the dried fruit. It was also a place where she could let me out to run around and get the kinks out as she put it and I would be safe. It is always a good memory now when I stop and get some things and walk my dog around to get the kinks out for our trip on to Los Gatos as we go several times a year. One time they even let me take my dog on the train...it wasn't one of his favorite rides.

I remember the good cheeses...

Richard Craven

I remember the good cheeses and most especially Caspar. Is this the same Caspar that was there 28 years ago?

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